Manu: For The Man To Come by Miguel Serrano

"The final work of Miguel Serrano's Trilogy. Like the other two books, MANU stands alone and yet, it is more. Serrano shares experiences and insights that he had not written of before. In a certain sense: he saved the best for last. A must read for the Hero today who still struggles against an ever powerful enemy."


"Manu is a Divinity who returns to re-initiate a new Cycle of Manifestation, to incarnate yet again in man. He comes as the Lawgiver and Father of a Root-Race. (Hence the Code of the Laws of Manu). And he is a man, a Divinity made man; he is the man who comes, ‘who will come’ after the catastrophe, the Twilight of the Gods and Heroes, in the Eternal Return."  - Miguel Serrano

Manu: For The Man To Come by Miguel Serrano

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